Can You Paint Exterior Metal?

Are your gutters or downspouts showing signs of rust? Has the paint on your metal garage door seen better days? Are there spots on your metal handrail where the paint has chipped off or rust is building up? If so, you might be wondering if it's possible to paint exterior metal. After all, it's not just the appearance that matters; if the deterioration continues, you will have to replace the whole item!


So, can you paint exterior metal? Yes! There are a few important steps to follow if you are going to paint your metal doors, gutters or railings, including surface preparation, priming, and paint application.



Preparation is a key part of almost any project, and painting exterior metal is no exception. Preparation could involve several different operations, depending on the type of metal (steel, aluminum, zinc) and what condition it is in. This could include pressure washing, scraping, wire-brushing, sanding, or a chemical treatment such as Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP).



The surface you have prepared needs to be primed, otherwise, the paint might not adhere to the metal (leading to another paint failure). If the surface was painted before and you don’t prime, you might see the previous paint colour through the new one as well. Various types of metals will require different primers, so make sure you research what is best for your specific project.



Once you have chosen a paint colour, you can finally paint! As with the primer, the proper type of paint can vary depending on the type of metal and what you are painting (door, gutter, handrail, etc.). Be careful to apply the paint evenly into any grooves or decorative indents so that it doesn’t look patchy, and always watch out for drips!


The process of painting a metal garage door or wrought-iron handrail is actually quite a bit of work, and you need to know what you’re doing to be able to successfully complete all these steps. If you hire a residential painting contractor like - DECORAMAR PINTURAS, then we can get it done for you, quickly and correctly! 


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