Brief tips for painters in a hurry

The following article presents a practical guide on how to paint, the white ceiling and the walls of a different color.

Before starting to work, it is necessary to take into account several factors and above all to plan well: many times it will allow us to avoid unnecessary stops and save some time when organizing the necessary order of the paint application of the layers and in particular to the drying period. We have divided the guide into the following 7 stages:


- Disassembly and elimination of all unnecessary and interfering elements of the equipment.

- Paste and place aluminum foil on the floor, windows, door frames and sockets. (Not to paint over)

- Prepare the walls to paint: evaluation of the surface conditions and possible repair, clean the walls and fill the cracks

- Paint the ceiling using a brush to access very difficult places on the wall (near windows, doors and corners)

- After the ceiling has dried, it is necessary to put a tape in the dividing line between the ceiling and the wall to avoid mixing the color.

- Cleaning.


The plan is already done! Do you have your paint ready? If not, get in touch with us! Decorate PInturas


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