In a perfect world, we would all have spacious bathrooms. Or we would at least have the resources to expand our bathrooms to the perfect size! Unfortunately, for many of us bumping out a wall or two of our bathroom is out of the question for one reason or another. So how can learn to love what you already have?

Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for making your existing bathroom feel bigger without moving a single wall!


White on White


An all-white bathroom feels calm, bright, and clean. Fixtures, walls, and flooring blend seamlessly into one another creating the illusion of openness. If you’re lucky enough to have a natural light source, a white on white bathroom can almost glow in the daylight.


Tone on Tone


Not a fan of having white on every surface? Repeating a color throughout your bathroom can have a similar effect to going all white. Pick a favorite color and have fun bringing it into your space through the wall color, bathmat, towels, or artwork. This can work well even with darker colors!


Floating Shelves


If the surfaces of your bathroom are currently cluttered, consider hanging floating shelves. Repetition is visually pleasing. So consider adding two or more shelves of the same size and style and use attractive baskets or containers to contain smaller toiletries.


Add Beadboard to the ceiling


Sometimes a small bathroom can feel narrower than it actually is because a standard height ceiling looks out of proportion with the room’s width. Installing beadboard is a great way to break up the height and make space feel more grounded. Paint it in a gloss or semi-gloss finish for extra light reflection.


Would you like help to make your bathroom feel spacious and inviting? We are here to help you create the bathroom of your dreams without all the headache of a remodel! Contact us today to get your estimate.




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