Painting walls with paint, or wallpapering? Pros and cons of both solutions!

Painting walls with paint, or wallpapering? Pros and cons of both solutions!

Wall decoration is one of the first decorative activities. Today's market offers us many interesting solutions ... unfortunately, as with any excess, it can cause us a headache. Everyone who has done the interior design knows that one of the basic dilemmas is - whether to use paint or wallpaper. Both are excellent in creating a new and fresh look in your home or office.If you are just planning to decorate, you will certainly face a similar dilemma. So, if you can’t make up your mind don’t worry. Whit this short article you can find out which of the solutions is better considering all the pros and cons of each one. We will focus on three main

Selection & Durability

Paint and wallpaper both come with unlimited choices. There are so many colours and styles to choose from and there are different types of wallpaper and paint that can be chosen based on durability.


Pros – Paint is a good option for any areas that need easy application and low maintenance. Glossy paints tend to be fairly durable.
Cons – If your wall is damaged (i.e. hit or scraped) then you will have to repair and repaint.


Pros – Wallpaper is very durable and can be a good idea if you have children. Wallpaper is also good in areas that experience high traffic (i.e. a hallway) and wallpaper tends to be scrubbable these days which means if there are marks on it they could come off.
Cons – Wallpaper may not work in areas with high moisture due to the adhesive. Areas such as the bathroom and kitchen may see wallpaper starting to peel.


Preparation is a very important factor when deciding on paint or wallpaper. If you are tackling the job yourself you may not have a lot of time, so a long preparation isn’t an option.


Pros – When painting over a damaged wall this will need only a little bit of extra preparation. You will need to prepare any issues with spackle and let it dry a day in advance. If applying a darker colour a primer paint will make the preparation easier.
Cons – Will usually need to paint more than one coat. Also need to let each coat dry before you paint the next one.


Pros – No need for three or more layers. Once the wallpaper is up that is pretty much it. Cons – If you have to remove existing wallpaper, it can be a very annoying task. You will also need the right tools to remove the wallpaper properly and not cause any damage.


Both paint and wallpaper can range in price, depending on the quality you are looking for. Usually wallpaper rolls will cost more than paint tins. Wallpaper also requires other supplies that assist with the proper installation, whereas paint supplies aren’t that expensive. 


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