For sure we can think about at least few things which can be done to increase the value of your property before selling it out. But according to all the real estate professionals working in the area of Orihuela Costa one of the best ones is just to paint your home – inside and outside. However, you need to know that there are specific colors that can actually help sell your property for much more.The color of your home’s walls can be a huge influence on the potential buyer. Just changing the color or simply refreshing it can make the room or house look nicer, more spacious, and overall more attractive. In this short article, we will advise you how to choose the best colors of paints for the indoor and outdoor walls in order to increase the value of your home.


The first impression is everything, so the color of your house should be perfect if you want to impress the potential buyer with just one look. That is why you should refresh your house before selling! Nice, lately done painting means the house is in good condition! Which color should you choose? It’s said that the color “greige” (a blend between light gray and beige) is a great color to paint the exterior if you’re looking to sell fast. Homes that are painted this color tend to sell easier as is a neutral color so it won’t be irritating to anyone.

Front Door

The front door is another one of the main selling points that the buyer will see right away. Consider some shade of navy blue, dark gray, or charcoal. These colors also go well with a “greige” exterior and will help pull the entire look together.


Often times people think the kitchen should be yellow or red because those colors are known for marketing food brands, such as McDonalds. People think it is good when colors are strong and energetic in such places, however, the better choices are anywhere from light blue to a gray-blue color or white.

Homes that use these colors sell for more because they’re calming, not too loud, and can even be considered appetizing.

Living Room

Generally speaking, people enjoy more neutral colors, especially when it comes to their living area. The top colors people find most enjoyable are colors like a light beige, pale taupe, or even oatmeal. These colors go well with any decor and allow for the room to feel a little bigger since they aren’t overpowering or too vibrant.

Dining Room

Even though the dining room may only be used on special occasions, you want to make sure it’s up to par and makes the buyer feel at home. Good options to paint your dining room area are colors that range between a pale gray-blue and a slate blue. Another color that can be used is navy blue since it looks good with rustic and wood decor.


If you’re looking to enhance one of the main selling points of your home then you should definitely consider painting the color of your bathroom. Popular colors to pick right now are purplish blues, such as shades of powder blue and periwinkle. These colors also look good with white or silver appliances, which are usually found in the restroom. 


People enjoy feeling calm, especially in the place that they plan to sleep and wind down. That’s why the color of your bedroom is so important. If you want to make your buyers feel at ease, more interested in the home, and willing to pay more, then consider choosing a cooler color, somewhere between light cerulean and cadet blue.



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