What is the Difference Between Eggshell and Satin Paint?

Everyone knows the color a room is painted defines how it looks and feels. The difference in paint sheen is much more subtle, but it also affects how a room looks, and the right sheen can increase the paint's lifespan. There are many different sheens, though; which kind is what, and which rooms should they go in? Well, today, we will talk about two sheens of paint; Eggshell and Satin. They are both very good, multipurpose interior paint sheens.


What makes different paint sheens different is the amount of light they reflect. This makes them glossier or duller.



Eggshell is a very low-gloss paint, this means it is much more forgiving to flaws and dents than higher-gloss paints, which tend to highlight the imperfections. Eggshell also provides a very rich and velvety color! The downside to using eggshell to paint the interior of your house is that it is somewhat less durable, so it is not great for high-wear places like an entryway, bathroom, kitchen, or kid’s bedroom.

Some examples of perfect places to put paint with an eggshell finish are the guest room, master bedroom, dining room, and home office.



For most interior rooms, satin is probably your best bet for paint sheen. It is glossier than eggshell, but still less glossy than semigloss. It is very versatile and will look great in almost any room!


As well as having a glowing or subtly shining appearance, satin holds up quite well to scuffs and bumps, and it can be carefully cleaned many times before it wears out. This makes satin interior ideal for bathrooms, entries, kid’s bedrooms, and kitchens!


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