Irresistible environment

Ambiente irresistible decoramar

It is pleasant to enter a cozy place where we experience warmth and comfort, that in our look is captivated by those shades and textures that attract us with its charming aspect. Without realizing it we are influenced by the characteristics of the colors and although we admit it, have dominated many times our decisions and have conditioned our choices.

It is more than painting an area, it is about creating an environment that will convey feelings and emotions!

Decorating with the right elements and doing the right combinations are highly influential factors in the existing harmony in a space and in the balance that it can have so that we feel in the ideal context in which we want to remain. It is time that you also propitiate that experience in favor of others, knowing the characteristics of the colors.

Red, orange and yellow colors transmit energy. These shades are ideal for raising the mood, that is why it is recommended in children's spaces as they denote a sense of optimism. In a game room with adequate lighting and ventilation is perfect, as they are also optically warm colors.

Pink inspires kindness, innocence and good intentions, generally used for children's bedrooms, while fuchsia is more powerful and also a dynamic and energetic color, can be used in combinations to create sweet and romantic environments.

Beige and white are symbols of purity and simplicity. They are used in minimalist spaces, ideal for sites where a maximum concentration is sought, such as a study room.

But if what you want in your environment is a feeling of tranquility, nothing like the colors blue, green and violet as these are ideal to create an effect of calm and peace. The green always associated with nature, the blue to the clear sky and the violet to a garden of elegant flowers, all contain the message of emotional healing. These are favorable to apply in places in which we want to fight the stresses and the daily stress.

Now that you have a wider vision for selecting your color, count on us to create your irresistible environment!


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