Rehabilitation of facades and public areas


The causes and actions to these diseases that can be found are:

  • Humidity:
    • Dampness causes of these include: poor execution of the work, the building leaks, plumbing leaks, pipes, etc., protection embankments or terraces, places and buildings with poor ventilation, porous and rugged materials that favor takeovers.
    • Treatments such Humedades: he shall stand with cleaning and priming saltpetre eliminator with anti moisture breathable paints.
  • Discolorations and Caleos:
    • Causes of these discolorations and Caleos: UV rays action, continuous action of atmospheric agents, building orientation, climate of the area.
    • Solutions to these discolorations and Caleos: to repair these discolorations would paint with a coating of high strength
  • Cracking:
    • Causes of these fissures: expansions produced by the change of temperature and humidity, weathering action, pollution, rain, wind, etc., fast drying plaster, own deterioration over time
    • Fissures such solutions: sanitized, filling and capping of cracks, by applying a resilient filler or cement mortar.
  • Chipped:
    • Causes of such chipped: paint degradation due to a lack of proper maintenance, support structural variations causing cracks and fissures, excessive moisture in the substrate, poor cleaning of the painted support prior thereof, incompatibility support - coating, insufficient porosity of the support painted in inadequate conditions.
    • Solutions such chipped: sanitized, cleaning and repainting, by applying a fixative emulsion and cement mortar.
  • Oxidation:
    • Causes of oxidation iron and metals produced by the lack of adequate treatment and progressive fixing dirt-dust and other compounds such as water. This setting is always greater if the railings, doors etc, are close to the Sea
    • Solutions: Perform a scrape, sanding, clean the remaining dust and dirt adhering, apply a coat of anticorrosive primer and apply one or two coats of enamel antioxidant.



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