When we refer to GIVE COLOR TO YOUR LIFE think chelates painting it provides a wide variety of decorative options and is one of the easiest ways to completely change the style of a room, place, and change our lifestyle or state.

The colors affect our state, emotions and body.

Given that the different tones, we can affect the choice of colors in the decor, it becomes imperative and can win harmony decorating each room with the right tones.

We give you the keys to get it:

The different types of textures and colors make have many possibilities, both decorative, and practical in interior decoration, make the walls of your home or business the perfect backdrop for any environment.
Both for individuals and for new buildings we carry:

  • Venetian plaster.
  • Blurred, stencils, patinas, etc.
  • Smooth and textured walls.
  • Lacquered and enamelled.
  • Loading paper, vinyl and the like.

Outdoors there is such a variety of coatings and finishes that will surprise you.

  • Both for individuals and for new buildings we carry coverings facades.
  • Rehabilitation of facades.
  • Stucco exterior.

We endorse many projects working with top developers and builders, class projects quality and exquisite finishes.

Decoramar. Specialists in communities, decorative, industrial and intumescent paint. Our work supports us


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